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“I’m so excited!!! I’m so… scared” © Jesse Spano

So i’m 9 hours away from getting on the plane to head to SF… I’m terrified. Besides thinking that I’m not qualified, I’m terrified at being so far away from home for so long. When I first got separated back in 2005, I realized that it was my first time living alone. Since that time, I’ve grown immensely and I suppose this is the next step in that process. Doesn’t make it any less scary. People keep telling me “you’ll be fine”… yes, i know i’ll be fine… Doesn’t make it any less scary. I’m trying to stay positive though. First time i’ve ever done something like this… Doesn’t make it any le… you see where this is going

At any rate, I pretty much got to do everything I wanted to do before I left. Went to see my dad, played with the godkids and even made it down to Richmond to see Maria’s baby… I fell in love immediately. All in all it was an amazing weekend… but now it’s time to focus on this summer and the future… the future is… I don’t know what it is anymore. Things that I thought were important really aren’t anymore… I’m just taking it all in right now. We’ll see how this next year plays out. As long as i’m a law school graduate this time next year, the rest will fall into place

And now… a bit of overacting (also check out the picture of the day section for the newest baby to steal my heart)

2 Responses to ““I’m so excited!!! I’m so… scared” © Jesse Spano”

  1. Interesting. I admire your writing style 🙂 I am new to WordPress, so I guess I would certainly draw some inspiration from you!


  2. I love the Saved By The Bell clip… That episode KILLS me.

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