Gangsta Mittens
Words combined to express thoughts. Pictures displayed to convey emotion. Opening my brain to the world.


On my way to class this evening, i noticed that everything is turning green again. The grass has come back to life, trees are beginning to show the first sign of actual leaves and little green plants are starting to poke thru the surface. For some, spring is all about the flowers and the pinks, yellows and purples, but for me, it’s about green. It represents life and vitality and just… newness. I’m green. That sounds kinda corny, but it’s true. I’m new these days. I’m not “brand new” but i’m new. New feels good. Half the time i don’t know what to expect. But, just like the color green, that excites me. In a few weeks i’ll be done with my second year of law school (ie, i’ll be half way there). In a few months, I’ll be starting one of the most exciting journeys ever. Driving across country… Taking a month off from work, and just seeing the country I’ve spent enough time telling myself what i can’t do and why i can’t do it. Now is the time to do what i want and learn how to live and how to just be green.

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