Gangsta Mittens
Words combined to express thoughts. Pictures displayed to convey emotion. Opening my brain to the world.

God and His Wacky Sense of Humor

When i decided to get back into blogging, i was so glad to be making a change in my life and doing things differently and growing. The idea of things being green is like a rebirth. But last night, it snowed. Things aren’t so green right now. I have some issues that I’m still working to fight against a lot of insecurities and issues in my past and sometimes I don’t do so well. Last night was one of those nights.I think that sometimes, if you listen carefully and pay close enough attention, you can hear/see God talking to you. I feel like the snow showers were a reminder that even the growth can be temporarily covered up. But once it melts and you see thru it, you can see the growth again.

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