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Hip Hop

To say that I am a bit of a music snob is probably an understatement. I judge people by what they listen to. I have learned to admit that. Perhaps it’s a flaw in my character but whatever. I’m human and that’s what we do. If someone ate puppies for dinner you’d judge them, if someone listened to speeches by Charles Manson you’d judge them, so if you listen to the Yin Yang Twins then i’m judgin you, plain and simple.

I think that growing up I was spoiled. Hip hop, for the most part, was just good… or at least better. It was more about the skill. Hell even the ‘silly’ rappers were talented. Today’s hip hop is just the bastard child of it’s creators. Maybe that’s a little harsh… Either way, I’m being honest. Back in my day (I’ve always wanted to say that), hip hop was about a lot of the same subjects that we hear today, but it was artful. I’m all for growth but i really feel like this shit out here today is just garbage.

My only hope at this point is that hip hop finds a way to move past its current rut and morph into something that I can look back on in 15 more years and still enjoy.

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