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What in the hell do fat women wear to the beach?

I mean ok.. I get it. I need to lose weight… i need to exercise.

That’s all loverly.

But Jamaica is 8 weeks away… and well… yeah there’s only so much that can be done between now and then. So i’ve been looking and there is NOTHING catching my eye. Usually I can at least find something tolerable… no such luck.


3 Responses to “What in the hell do fat women wear to the beach?”

  1. 1) we shy away from the beach
    2)we wear a sarong
    3) we wear a skirt
    4) we wear a sheer dress over the suit
    5)we wear a thong bikini with a triangle top

    take your pick

  2. LMAO @ #5.

  3. jamaica?!?! lucky…

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