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What i learned today

Today I learned that it is VERY hard to do someone else’s grocery shopping for them. I spent approximately 2.5 hours on what amounted to a scavenger hunt in my local grocery store. Since my dad can’t be in the house alone, my sister and I take turns doing the grocery shopping for the family. Now I will give it to my mom, she gave me VERY detailed info about what she wanted. From sizes to name brands, she gave me all of the info i could possibly need. But 99% of the things she wanted are things that i had never purchased… three bean salad? fordhook lima beans? At any rate, I am happy to say I got every single item on the list.

I can’t imagine how difficult it is to give up as much control of your life that my mom has. As much as i dislike grocery shopping, I can’t imagine not being able to do it for myself. The love that my mother has for my father is the most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed. I truly hope that I am able to learn to love that selflessly.

One Response to “What i learned today”

  1. for me it is actually the opposite. i can go shopping for other people cause they tell me exactly what they want… but i can’t do that for myself because i can never make up my mind.

    you are a great daughter.

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