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4 down, 4 to go

I took my last exam of the semester last night. I am officially finished with my second year of Law School. I am now officially half way there (i’m a part time student). As gueling as this process is, it isn’t as bad as i expected. Well it kinda is… but I’m not suicidal.

I remember when it all started… i didn’t know what in the hell to expect. That seems like so damned long ago. I was thinking back to a surprise party that my friends threw for me to celebrate my nerdy accomplishment… the people that were there… I don’t talk to more than half of them now. If someone would have told me on that day to look around the table and pick the 4 people i thought i would be cool with three years later, i’m not sure whether i would have guessed correctly. Throughout my life I’ve been a bit of a friend collector. I liked having lots of “friends” and knowing people. It kinda made me feel important to be able to go somewhere and always see a “friend.” Over the last few years though, I’ve started to move away from that. It’s kinda nice to go somewhere and not recognize folks. There’s a certain comfort in anonymity… But yeah, here i am three years later. I am a completely different person, and i like it.

So with year #2 behind me I can officially switch gears to my summer plans… getting to catch up with a friend i haven’t seen in over a year, going to Jamaica with someone I love dearly, travelling across country on a 6 week adventure… there’s just so much for me to look forward to and quite honestly, I deserve every bit of it.

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