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Come back to Jamaica….

Remember those commercials?

Well that’s what i’m doing, I am going back to Jamaica. I’m REALLY looking forward to this trip. The idea of just relaxing and being away from the stresses of my daily life is making it hard for me to be patient. Although the San Fran trip will also be a vacation, it’s going to be different. I don’t feel that that’s going to be a relaxing trip, so i’m glad to have this “pre-vacation” to gear up for the other trip.

But yeah, Jamaica. I’ve only been once before and that time it was to Negril. It was beautiful beyond belief there. This time around it’ll be Ocho Rios. I plan to take no less than two million pictures because the ones i took last time were AMAZING!

So this weekend is going to be a bit of a blur.

This afternoon I’m helping with an interview for Subsoniq. Monie Love and 9th Wonder will be stopping by to shoot the shit for awhile.

Then tonight I’ll be here:

That’s always guaranteed to be a good time.

Saturday I’m going to a happy hour in an attempt to be more social and well-liked.
Sunday is, of course Mother’s Day. My sister’s and i will be cooking brunch for the family and spending the day with mom.

Next weekend is my niece’s graduation from college… time is FLYING by. I need to start making my mark on the world ASAP

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