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To the East My Brother

Well, it’s time for me to pack up and head home. In about 3.5 hours I will board a plane back to DC by way of Chicago. Hopefully the storms will hold off and I will be able to make it safely with minimal (ie none) turbulence.

From there i have a hair appointment, a few clothes to wash, some last minute packing, a little bit of cooking, some ice buying, a perscription pick up and hopefully a few hours of sleep and then we’re on the road.

As much as i hate to leave this city, the fact that i will be back shortly makes it a little less difficult…

and now an open letter to the folks in the hotel room next to mine:

Please stop. I don’t want to hear that anymore. Please


Bye, San Francisco… See ya again on Saturday!

One Response to “To the East My Brother”

  1. they was fuckin’ in the room next to you????



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