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The return of the counter…

Two things…

1. If you look over there (*points to the right*) the counter is back. We’ve decided that come hell or high water, we are leaving this place (DC) on 5/20/09.
Yes, that’s a long way away… but that counter will keep me sane for the next 21 months or so.

2. I forgot what two was.

I’m feeling a little better today. It’s amazing what sleep can do. I will be running to 3 different parties tonight but Saturday and Sunday are going to be house days with the exception of a trip to Laurel to see the new babies.

Oh…. I remember what two was. The other blog ( being turned into a travel blog. Hopefully it’ll be full of pics and all that travelly goodness

And I’m out!

3 Responses to “The return of the counter…”

  1. that’s dope!
    going back to the bay?
    or have you not decided on a location yet?

  2. Still up in the air honestly. I’d love to head to SF, but i’m not opposed to other places, except Brooklyn. We can do other places in NY… just not brooklyn 🙂

  3. That counter is scary looking man..

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