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The problem with fortunes, superstitions, etc

so i got that fortune the other day, and i admit to believing fortunes, horoscopes, superstitions, etc when they can be twisted to say what i want them to say. So of course that fortune meant to take a chance and just move to san francisco… this afternoon i got a phone call offering me an spring internship with the government.

that’s huge for me. i need that. i mean i had pretty much written off law unless i could work for the government… now here i am with an opportunity to work for the federal govt this spring. i don’t know how i could pass up this opportunity… did i mention this is an unpaid internship? There’s always a twist isn’t there?

The “good” news is that the requirement is only 15 hrs a week. I need to talk to the externship dept at school to see how that will work in terms of getting credit. I also need to see if I will be able to keep my job or perhaps shift to part time. My only concern with asking my job to allow me to go part time or to work something out is that i *know* that once i graduate, i’m leaving. Do i ask for this “favor” knowing that in May I’ll (hopefully) be quiting to work in San Fran for the summer? On the one hand i know that i need to do what’s best for me, on the other i don’t want to create problems for my employer.

i have 20 months to make this all fall into place and i’m pretty scared. hopefully this will all work out and the hard work will pay off.

One Response to “The problem with fortunes, superstitions, etc”

  1. i just wanna say congrats on the internship offer 🙂

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