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So some"one" is following me

I don’t usually talk about this stuff… and i hate that it’s so close to Halloween but it’s been bothering me for awhile now and i said i wanted to do more to keep track of these kinds of things.

So ever since i was little i’ve felt fairly aware of presences. Not necessarily “ghosts” or “spirits” but just a heightened sense of awareness for energy around me. I attribute that to most of why i “hate” people. Too much energy annoys me and the more people i’m around, the harder it is to sort out. If I don’t like the energy or vibe that someone gives off, I’m out because I’m too sensitive to it and it’ll fuck me up in the long run.

At anyrate someone (or someone’s energy) is following me and i don’t know who it is. There’s a constant presence there and I’m not really sure how i feel about it. It’s not uncomfortable but it’s not pleasant either. It’s just there. I’ve thought about it alot and i’m not even sure where i picked up this energy. it was there before denver, but not in chicago… but not immediately after chicago.

That narrows it down to like a two and a half day period but i don’t think i went anywhere that i wouldn’t normally be. I know I probably sound like a damn weirdo and I wish i could make other people feel it. but i guess it’s just me. maybe it’s me trying to catch up with myself?

I’m not really stressing it for now. It’s just one more thing on my mind though. Kinda frustrating but until i figure out who it is and/or what they want, I might just have to deal with it.

2 Responses to “So some"one" is following me”

  1. try burning sage… i haven’t tried it but ppl say it works.

  2. that’s actually an excellent idea.

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