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Happy Thanksgiving

Today is one of my favorite days of the year. For the second year in a row, i’m making Thanksgiving dinner and i couldn’t be happier. The menu consists of turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, apple and celery stuffing (or is it dressing?), corn pudding, greens, rolls, cranberry sauce, and prolly some other stuff i’m forgetting.

One thing i will NOT be having is green bean casserole… that’s just not something i’ve ever had (or wanted to have). I’m convinced it’s a white thing… although I’ve heard that some black ppl make it too 😦

I bought my mom some flowers this week. She’s ridiculously happy. She calls me everyday to tell me how pretty they look. I’m glad that something so simple could make her so happy. I’m thankful for having such an amazing family. I wish i could do more to keep them happy.

I’m kind of rambling cuz i’m worried about the food in the kitchen so i think i’m bout to bounce.

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family and friends today!

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