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Hard Work, a Nickname, and Me

Hard Work
So shortly after Monie and 9th Wonder did their interview at XM awhile ago, she and I started texting/talking about trying to get her show on XM. At that point she was fresh out of the gig in Philly and itching to get back to radio somehow. True to form XM dragged their feet. Until she said the magic word (free) and the higher ups finally listened (since we had been saying free all along). At any rate, I set up the meeting and the ball finally started rolling. Fast forward a couple weeks and Monie and her crew come to DC to record the demo show. The show was GREAT and has been given the thumbs up. She has also asked me to book for the show for her if it came to fruition. I am in heaven. The prospect of leaving XM this summer has me a bit nervous because I felt like I would lose my contacts and access to contacts. With this development, however, it seems like I may be able to keep my foot in the door and maybe get back in upon my return. Merger be damned!!

A Nickname
When Filthy gave me this nickname back in ’05. I immediately liked it. Now I remember the significance of the name, but i don’t know why he was nicknaming me. At any rate, I like it and it stuck… or rather I made it stick. Either way, I like it. I jokingly told BJ that I was gonna push the nickname for about a year because i wanted everyone to know it. I know that probably sounds dumb as hell to most people and i can understand why but at the same time it makes perfect sense. The name does a couple of things. For those who pay close enough attention it provides an immediate look into my character and who i am. For those who are bad at remembering names, its something silly and catchy. It’s unique. I apologize if this is sounding arrogant. Unlike the chick in San Fran that I told to google me, I’m not really feeling myself like that… today. I’m just saying that by developing the persona associated with the nickname has allowed me to have something to hide behind and to put out there, without feeling like i’m letting too many people in.

I’ve changed. I’m not on meds anymore (although I would like to get my hands on some). I’m managing to be more outgoing. I feel more well-adjusted. A lot less like an outcast. I’m taking chances I wouldn’t normally take and although I’m a little nervous, I’m not afraid. I’ve spent the last year and a half working to create a career of sorts for myself. Bringing artists to XM, making my own contacts, putting myself in a position where i can hopefully get back to the music business that i had managed to fall out of love with. I’m also making huge strides in the law school arena, so that if the music-related stuff doesn’t pan out, i have something else to do. In 2008 i want to focus on finding a little more direction. It’s nice to want to do something music related, but now i want to come up with something definite. All I know is, I’m happy. Happier than I’ve been in awhile. I’m gonna keep this train moving til it reaches whatever destination it was meant to reach.

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