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I *really* need to stop getting excited for my bday

In all my 32 yrs I don’t think I’ve ever done what I wanted to do on my bday. Having a birthday scrunched in between Christmas and New Years leaves me feeling like more of a hassle than a celebrant on most occassions. For several years in a row I’ve wanted to go to Jamaica, San Francisco, anyplace,USA, for my birthday but there’s always a reason that can’t happen. Folks are usually too broke from Christmas or saving up for the “real” fun on NYE to want to spend time with me.

And so, this is how it looks like I’ll be spending yet another birthday. Trying to cram my celebration in amongst what people “really” want to do and ultimately, getting lost in the shuffle.

Despite how “woe is me” this sounds that’s really not the intent. This is just my reminder to myself to not look forward to 33 or any future bdays.

2 Responses to “I *really* need to stop getting excited for my bday”

  1. my brother’s birthday is on the 6th of january, so… he kind of gets the same treatment w/ people just coming off of a heavy duty shopping experience and etc. i always try to send him a little cash or a gift card somewhere. here’s hoping you truly try to enjoy your 32nd and the other bdays to come too 🙂

  2. 😦

    forget those suckas… your bday is your day… just live it up and do what you want. and if others ain’t down with that… oh well… they missed out.

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