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Happy Birthday to Me!!

So… here it is. 32. Wow. To be honest, I don’t think that I ever gave much thought to what 32 would be like. When I was younger, my thirties was just so far off and so OLD. But now i realize that i’m just getting started.

Yesterday I went to what is by FAR my favorite family tradition: Birthday parties at Shirley’s. I love that we always get together for bdays. There were lots of laffs… some at my expense… but i still had a ball. Afterwards me and B headed to Fogo de Chão. *blink* So ok, I like meat… but *this* place did things to meat I couldn’t believe. So flavorful, perfectly cooked, just delicious. Lamb? Ribs? Chicken? I was in heaven. I was full but didn’t want to stop eating. Add to that the fact that they made a good ass mojito? I could live there. Sucks that I’m giving up meat for 2008. :-\

Afterwards we headed to a coworker’s house to watch the Patriots/Giants game. Pats won and got their perfect season… now hopefully the Skins can pull out a win today and head to the playoffs.

I think we’re going to brunch in a few. In addition to it being my bday, 2 yrs ago today a drunk Monica saw B in the club and professed her crush on him. He didn’t run away so here we are today. That’s the closest thing to an anniversary we have. But yeah.. food… shopping and football. That’s today’s agenda.

One Response to “Happy Birthday to Me!!”

  1. YAY for bdays. Yay for meat. Yay for Big Shirley. Yay for shopping… and super yay for super sales at the Lush. Yay for no meat in 08. Yay for crushes on boys.

    Yay for you.
    I love you to deff.

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