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I need to stop being hardheaded

There are a few things that I’ve learned over the past year or so and although I’m constantly reminded of them, I still tend to stray away. But I really do need to stop being hardheaded.

1. I need to go to sleep around 10p. I did it in college and I need to get back on my grind. I like to feel well-rested. My schedule doesn’t permit for a lot of time to “make up” sleep, so i need to get it when I’m supposed to.

2. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I have a friend who’s pretty good about making it known when she doesn’t like you. While I admire her forthrightness, that’s just not my thing. I can be the phoniest bitch ever. I’m not the backstabbing type or anything, I just like to keep people guessing… so I kill em with kindness. I’ve been a people watcher all my life. I like to watch people and then set them up to act the way I expect them to. I soooo should’ve stuck with psychology

There’s more, but those are my main two right now.

In other news, I’ve given up meat for 2008… kinda. I hate making my “resolutions” public because then everyone wants to try to “catch” you doing wrong… wack. So if i know you and you try to be on some “aha gotcha!” shit while i’m eating meat, I will say “fuck you” and mean it. So anyway. I’ve given up everything but fish (and by fish I mean seafood), the problem is I have enough meat in my freezer to feed a starving nation, so… I have to finish that first. Essentially, I can no longer purchase meat for my consumption and once what’s in the house is gone, I’m done. I had tofu last night… yummy. I forgot that I actually liked it. I’m just not looking forward to the extra effort/thought it takes not to eat meat. Hopefully i’ll fall back into the swing of things rather quickly.

One Response to “I need to stop being hardheaded”

  1. LOL

    You gon finish that last pack of hot dogs somewhere around October?

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