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A picture a day

So I was all worried because I don’t have a photo for today. Then I overheard rumors of a hawk outside of a third floor window eating a frozen rat. I damn near sprinted up there and there it was!! The thing was HUGE. In fact, it looked like this:

and he was just picking away at this frozen rat. Now i should take this time to point out that i did NOT take that photo. Alas my crappy camera phone would never take a picture like that. But that hawk got me to thinkin about all the random wildlife i’ve seen in the past 12 months… foxes, deer, racoons, roosters… all just on regular streets. Like they belong there or some shit… the whole thing is pretty odd to tell you the truth. But they make for good picture taking. Which is part of the reason that i’m getting this:

not to take pics of hawks… but to take pics in general. Hopefully i’ll get it this weekend. Yay me!

2 Responses to “A picture a day”

  1. go nikon.

  2. that’s one of the cameras i want… woooohooooo Nikon

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