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Judgment Day

Today I have my annual review at work. I’m not sure why but this ALWAYS makes me nervous. Forget the fact that I’ve done a lot of good stuff for the channel. Forget the fact that I know that I’m probably leaving sooner rather than later. I’m nervous. I guess it’s just the idea of feeling like you’re being judged. Especially when it’s by someone who you feel like you can’t really voice your opinion on.

Honestly, I just want to know how much more money I will be making this year. I mean the reality is, most of us work for a paycheck, or at least realized that paycheck is extremely important. But it’ll be a couple weeks before they talk about that portion of the equation.

In other news, I’m REALLY trying to battle this procrastination thing but sometimes, I just can’t bring myself to do what I know I need to do. As a result of this, next week is going to be extremely hectic. Hopefully, I’ll get thru it unscathed.

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