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I am sick

like for real sick. Not, “I just need a day off from work” sick… not, “i have to finish this homework” sick… but fever, chills, coughing, aching, etc sick.

I guess this is what I get for talking shit about flu shots… but how was I supposed to know that so many people would be inconsiderate enough to come to work/school sick? Either way, these germs have picked me up and slammed me. I just hope that B isn’t next. I wouldn’t wish this shit on my worse enemy.

I should probably mention that tomorrow is Dilla Day at XM. Know what that means? It means that Pete Rock and Talib Kweli will be speaking at XM. Remember how I’m sick? 😦

This is kinda like the ULTIMATE blower. I think I’m going to stay home from XM tomorrow and then head in for the Dilla party tomorrow night. I’m just tryna stay warm and as healthy as possible.

Wish me luck…

One Response to “I am sick”

  1. I got a flu shot last year and I was sick as a dog not soon after that. My wife said that I was already sick but I think the shot did it. Haa. Nevertheless, hope you feel better. Thanks for the reminder about Dilla Day. I almost forgot. I’m on XM right now.


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