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I’m better

… and BJ’s better too.

I don’t think I’ve been that sick in YEARS. I can honestly say the flu picked me up and knocked me on my ass. Either way i’m pretty much better now and that’s what’s important.

I also got back out to see the godkids today. That made me smile… and then it made my ovaries start jumpin around. I’d really like to have kids soon. I’d also like to travel all over the world without having to worry about what to do with the kids. It’s a very interesting place I’m at right now. I mean the truth of the matter is, if I’m going to have kids, I should do it soon… but like… I kinda don’t want to. I’m torn. Some days there’s nothing I want more than to just live my life for me and be selfish with my time… other times I want a family and all the stuff that goes along with it. **insert sigh here**

In other news… I’m kinda fuckin up this semester. I’m just not interested and that’s bad news. I think it’s because I’m doing way too much. Luckily this paper is due in a little over a week and then I will get a bit of freedom. For now, however, I must push thru and get this stuff done.

Wish me luck šŸ™‚

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