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And now, a Rant

Customer service tends to suck.  Point blank period.  It is 9:23am and so far today I have made three customer service related calls… 2/3 of the calls sucked.   Please don’t ever… ever ever ever ever ever… ever bank with Bank of America.  I closed my account that had been open for just 2 days this morning because of the rude customer service reps that I encountered.  One told me that I must not have any money.  Another told me that I opened two accounts because the system said so.  She refused to acknowledge that “the system” could be wrong.  The manager told me that there’s no way to have two accounts in the system unless I opened them both… although she did admit to seeing that one account was opened and then the info was transferred to another account that oppened a second account.  So ummm i politely told them to close both and gimme my shit back.  Fuck BOA

The second call was to the DC govt.  I disputed a ticket in Sept 2007.  It’s still just sitting there.  The lady said that they have up to 6 months to reach a decision (It’s been 8).  I told her it’s been more than 6 and she says “ok”.  I asked when i could expect resolution… she said within 6 months.  I said “another six months?  they have a year to make a decision?”  She said no… 6 months from the date the ticket was issued.  I said “it’s been 8 months”.  She said ok.  I said “that’s more than 6”.  She said ok.  I asked if I was missing something or if there was something she could do.  She asked what I wanted her to do.  I sat speechless for a second or two and i heard “oh no this bitch didn’t hang up on me”.  I told her I was still there and asked what my options were.  She told me that she could send a request that they issue a decision.  I told her I would appreciate that. 

The third call was much better.

I just don’t get it.  I admittedly hate ppl.  I have no patience for them.  But i can’t imagine being so unnecessarily rude to people.  It’s just uncalled for.  I hope they have happiness in their lives because they’re clearly not getting it at work.

One Response to “And now, a Rant”

  1. this boa rant you went on saddens me.
    they just bought my local bank lasalle, and i’ve been hearing nothing but bad things. i did make a call this morning, but it was a simple question (address change verification) so the call went smoothly, but i’m afraid of what might come down the pipeline.

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