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So my mom is in the hospital

I should start off by saying that I HATE hospitals… Well I hate the inefficiency of them.  I’m grateful for the people that study and learn to heal/help people, but I hate the machine that hospitals have become and the fact that they all seem interested in passing patients along rather than helping them.

So my mom went to the emergency room at about midnight on sunday night/monday morning.  She had been sore/achey all day but at this point she was completely unable to move.  So she got to the emergency room, they gave her some drugs and she sat there…. my sister called me at 6a to tell me that they were moving her to another hospital, and she sat there… at 11am I went to the emergency room to see what was going on.  There was no bed available at the other hospital, but beds available at the current hospital.  So, why not stay at the current hospital?  Oh they don’t accept her insurance there…  so she sat there.  At 5pm they got authorization to put her in a room at that hospital because there was still nothing available at the other hospital.  17 hrs… Of course sitting in the emergency room, no one really checks on you.  Are you breathing? great, mission accomplished.

She never got to see a doctor yesterday because they were gone by the time she was situated.  Hopefully someone will see her today and we will be able to get a better idea of what is going on when she’ll be better.  For now, she’s on morphine… and generally happy.

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