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Inauguration Mania

I guess I should be happy right? This inauguration is surely the first one i’ve really cared about and it’s certainly historic… but the next 6 or so days are guaranteed to be a big pain in the ass. Metro stations closed. Bridges closed. Roads closed. Not that i typically find myself going further south than New York Ave, but the fact that I won’t be able to if i want to is a bit disheartening. Add to that the fact that i really don’t care much for people.. it’s going to make for an interesting week.

In other news, this week I had my first last day of school. This semester should be pretty easy. I’m taking one class and it meets once a week. The idea is to give me more time in the evenings to do things like look for jobs, plan this wedding and just relax. I’ve got a lot of things to accomplish in the next 4 months and the last thing i need is to get burnt out.

2009 is also supposed to be all about moving away from e-communication… the internet is definitely a gift and a curse. I’m working on using it for good without letting it consume me. I’m also trying to be less wasteful. We throw away so much food in this apartment it should be criminal. So….. I have been eating left overs 😦 It makes me nauseous. No these are not leftovers that have gone bad… they’re just there. Blech.

Clearly i just need to learn to cook less.

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