Gangsta Mittens
Words combined to express thoughts. Pictures displayed to convey emotion. Opening my brain to the world.


I’ve been a music fan for as long as i can remember. When i was younger i was all about rock, but as i got older i realized that I was all about hip hop. One thing i really appreciate about the information age is the “access” that we have to our favorite musicians. I have come to realize that this is the ultimate gift and a curse.

I remember when i was growing up, Molly Ringwald was my idol. An aspiring actress, i was enamored with her and her accomplishments. i remember taking the time to carefully craft a letter that would attract the attention of her publicist… mastering the art of asking for an autographed pic without specifically saying “can you please send me an autographed picture?”. Molly, Will Wheaton, River Phoenix (RIP), … i wrote to all of them, hoping to get a response… it’s not like that now. I can find any of my favorite artists online… well most. Myspace, facebook, twitter…. they’re around. Talking to fans, posting their thoughts… they’re around speakin out on what they think/feel… for all the world to see. On the one hand it’s great! sending messages in the hopes that they’ll respond – providing immediate gratification… on the other hand, it completely sucks. Celebrities use to have som level of mystery.. what was C. Thomas Howell’s fave color?!!?? only BOP had such important info. Now? A carefully crafted google search can tell me that and more. It’s a little depressing to be honest. But I can’t help but wonder what it means for the artists. I mean, clearly they want to communicate via interweb, but that makes it hard for them to maintain their anonymity. That must suck.

I used to want to be famous…. now? not so much

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