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What’s Your Excuse

Your, you’re. To, too, two. Know, no. Its, it’s.

I am annoyed. Actually let me back up.

I enjoy communicating. Whether it be written or oral, I like to communicate with people. Effective communication is essential in so much of our daily lives… and yet, people fail at it over and over again.
We live in a society where many of us exist solely (or mostly) as words on the screen of someone miles away. That means that all they may see or know of you is what you type. Think about that for a second. Someone’s sole opinion may be based on the way you come across on their screen…. and yet, so many people fail to use proper grammer and punctuation. It annoys me and it frustrates me, and the fact that you’re “just talking to your friend” or “no one else minds it”, does NOT make it ok.
I want to be clear, I’m not talking about the difference between M dashes and N dashes and other somewhat obscure punctuation. Hell I’m not even talking about the proper usage of that vs. which. I mean simple things like the words above. Each has its own purpose… and people butcher it on the regular. Spellcheck won’t help you because you’re spelling it right… you’re just using it wrong.
Why does it seem like more and more people are missing this lesson? Are teachers not teaching it correctly? Between that and the improper use of apostrophes, I’m ready to give up on humanity all together.
Can we please work on written communication in 2010 folks? I think I’m gonna start sending emails back with strike-thrus and corrections.

2 Responses to “What’s Your Excuse”

  1. You know how on board I am with this.

    But I have one correction: grammar.


  2. lol I knew if there was an error to be had, you would be the one to find it. I could be all crazy and be like “naw, I did that on purpose to see if anyone would catch it” but you know me too well for alla that so imma just say… “oops”. 🙂

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