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Why Mojito Madness Died, and Other Randomness

Well to be fair, it did NOT die… the issue is that the first place I went to is just too good and I haven’t been anywhere else yet. Between the bartenders, the food, and the mojitos, Meze is just perfect so i haven’t wanted to go anywhere else.

Sadly, this is quickly turning into a typical DC summer. Hot… Humid and Gross. It’s this time of year that makes me remember why I love San Francisco so much. It was 97º here today… and 66º in SF… i don’t really think i need to say anything more.

Saying that I’m busy right now is such an understatement. I have so much going on and so much more that I’m trying to do, but I know it will all work itself out if i’m patient… the only problem is the fact that i completely lack patience 🙂

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