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That which doesn’t kill us…

I feel like I’ve ranted about this before… my general hatred of quotes like “That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger” or “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle”… I call bullshit on both of these. Plain and simple. That first one… really? Those are my options? Death or strength? What about the one that finally kills me? Guess I’m just supposed to be cool with that? And the more than you can handle? Isn’t that what being overwhelmed is all about? I mean i get it… you’re supposed to tell yourself that and draw strength and comfort from the fact that He will help you to pull thru… *looks at the camera* ummm… yeah ok.

If it isn’t obvious, I’m in a mood today. Not necessarily a “bad” mood, but a mood nonetheless. Maybe it’s melancholy or indifference… definitely a load of cynicism. I could probably blame it on the weather… seems like i haven’t seen the sun in a week… but i feel like that’s a cop out. i prefer to accept my emo-ness for what it is and just deal with it.

In other news… I’m heading to Atlanta for A3C next week. I’m amped. I get to see a bunch of folks that i haven’t seen since SXSW. I feel like i haven’t been to a live show in forever, and i like the idea that A3C is a little SXSW-ish. Definitely not as big… but multiple shows, multiple stages, etc. Hopefully I’ll get to take some pics while i’m in Atlanta too. I just know that i need to get away for a little while.

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