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Happy New Year

I don’t mean to be cliche and make the first post of the year about goals and whatnot, but that’s what’s on my mind at this moment. Regardless of the time of year, there are some changes that I need to make to my life and now is as god a time as any to get started.

First and foremost i eat like shit. I used to eat like three different fruits a day, some carrots, cottage cheese.. all that stuff… and then… nothing. It all just came crashing down. Now if it isn’t fried or loaded with butter and/or sugar, i don’t touch it. That has to come to an end. I see the effects of bad eating habits on my mom and I know that i need to do better. Being diagnosed with RA made me realize that there are some things that I will have to deal with no matter what, no need to compound that by eating.

Second, I need to exercise. While i know i need to lose weight, these first two things aren’t so much about weight loss as they are just adopting a healthy life style. As much as I want to believe I’ll be young forever, the reality is, if i don’t take care of myself I won’t be around as long as i’d like. I’m not gonna pretend that i’m going to be in the gym 4 days a week, but i will dust off the wii and just get moving.

Third, I need to study for and pass the California Bar Exam. I took it once and failed, but didn’t fail miserably. I shoulda hopped right back on the horse and taken it again, but I was scared. Now, it’s two years later and I’m going to try again. On the one hand I’m scared to death, I don’t know how I will deal with not passing a second time. In a lot of ways I’m disappointed with myself. I had the time and the opportunity to study my ass off and do well, and I didn’t. The “good” news is, the thing that messed me up is probably the easiest thing to correct. So hopefully, I’ll be able to get it together and make something happen.

Fourth, I need to make some decisions and move forward with them. Not really going to go into depth on this one. I just have some situations going on that i need to work thru. I’ve seen a side of myself the past few months that I’m not sure I like. I want the old Monica back, so I need to work on finding her.

Fifth, I need to make some strides in my finances. My job situation is relatively stable, and possibly improving. Now is the time for me to get rid of a lot of this debt and start to establish some sort of savings. I had honestly planned to cut up my credit cards for 2011, but I chickened out. For now i will have to settle for dropping them off at my mom’s house where i can’t get to them. i’m on track to have my federal student loans wiped out in a few (meaning 9.5) years, and to pay off the other loans ahead of schedule. I don’t mind carrying that debt around, but the credit card debt, and the lack of any real savings are things that i need to fix in order to have some piece of mind.

So yeah, i have the same goals as everyone else, and i’m ok with that. i know it will take time and effort, but i’m willing to do what i can to work on these. I’ll set a reminder to give an update on this in 6 months or so lol.

Happy New Year.

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  1. Sixth: Need to make Subsoniq recordings more 😉

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