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So far, So good

I’ve managed to keep my study schedule so far.  That in and of itself is an accomplishment.  But the thing I’m most excited about is that I’m actually understanding and retaining what i’m learning.  Believe me when I say that isn’t always the case.  I actually find myself wanting to study a little longer, which hopefully means that i’m more focused and determined this time around.

As part of the Certified Public Managers course that I am in I read a book about the importance of taking small steps.  Even though I find myself wanting to continue studying, I try not to let myself do it.  I actually think it would be detrimental to move forward with the material because I might burn myself out.  Plus there will be PLENTY of time for pushing myself as I near the end of this journey. 

I also went back to see the rheumatologist.  The amount of pain that I was in was unbearable.  I like to relax with the best of them, but feeling stuck to the couch day after day without the strength to get up was blowing me.  Of course i got scolded for taking myself off the meds, and they prescribed a buncha stuff, but i’m really trying to be a good patient this time around.. really!


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