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The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow

When I was little my parents took me to see Annie. I LOVED everything about Annie. I knew all the songs, the choreography… EVERYTHING. So that day was a special day for me. My mom bought me a new dress (red of course) and tights, and the SHINIEST white patent leather shoes you have EVER seen. I got my hair pressed and did my best to sit extra still so that she could get my hair *just* right. My parents even presented me with an Annie doll as we listened to the soundtrack 8-track on the way to the theatre. As I clicked clacked in my shoes all the way thru the theatre to take our seats, I remember being so overwhelmed with joy. The ONLY thing that would make it more perfect is if my mom would just let me have a peppermint (i was a kid, it didn’t take much, ok?)

As the houselights dimmed for the first Act, i whispered loudly to my mom, ‘CAN I PLEASE HAVE A PEPPERMINT?’ She shushed me as the spotlight started to come up… So i whispered a little louder… my dad gave me that stern look. I don’t know what crossed my mind but i just knew that if i didn’t get that peppermint soon everything would be ruined… so… I yelled… loudly… I SAID I WANT A PEPPERMINT. I don’t really think i got the whole phrase out before my dad had scooped me up and escorted me out of the theatre… Those tights did nothing to protect my little legs from the spanking i got. I spent the whole first half of the play out in the lobby sobbing and trying to compose myself.

We went back in during intermission. I was quiet. All the crying wore me out… and so i slept thru the second half. My parents woke me up as the cast was leaving the stage from taking their final bow. We left the theatre and headed home in silence. It wasn’t until I lay down for bed that I realized that I had left my Annie doll behind.

One Response to “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow”

  1. That is the saddest story ever. No show and no doll? Damn!

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