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A little over three weeks ago I handed in my entry for the annual short write on competition at my school. As I handed it in, I knew that I had done my absolute best. I had written, edited, revised, rewritten, edited and revised some more. It was honestly my best effort. Today, at 2pm, I got a call that I had been selected for the Administrative Law Review. That’s a pretty big deal and I am extremely happy.

When I tried to do this competition before during my first year of school, I didn’t make it past the first day. I tried to read the materials, couldn’t get focused, couldn’t get organized, and just quit. What a difference a couple of years makes. The sense of accomplishment that is associated with this for me is AMAZING. Even though I spent the early part of the day completely freaked out about not making it, I still knew that I had given 100%.

The accomplishment is still a bit bittersweet (aren’t they always). My grades are still a little low and could possibly limit my opportunities. But this has shown me what I’m capable of. I spend so much time looking around at the other students and trying to figure out where I fit in. Truth is, I’m right up there with them.

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