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Breaking trust is fast, building it is slow. © Henry Abbott

Who woulda thought a blog about the NBA could contain such a relevant statement? I lost someone’s trust today and i have no one to blame but myself. I honestly can’t think of a bigger mistake i’ve ever made in my life. I wish i could come up with the right words to even describe what i feel (isn’t that what blogs are for) but i can’t.

The closest i think i’ve ever come to feeling this bad about something is when my mother called me crying and asking me what was going on with me down in Hampton. She demanded to know why she gave me plenty of money for rent and bills and yet, I was about to be evicted. She wanted to know why my phone was cut off when i had called her twice for money to pay it, both times promising her that i had. She asked if i was on drugs and if someone was doing something to me. I told her i was fine. that i had just bought some things at the mall and that i was sorry.

She didn’t believe a word i said. Not a single one. But she sent more money anyway. And one day, i showed up back home with all my stuff. I was 34 pounds lighter than when she had last seen me. I was tired and i was defeated. She NEVER asked me again what was going on. Never. But i had lost her trust. She wouldn’t give me money for anything. when i was looking for a job and i asked for gas money or metro fare, she’d give me her gas card or a bus token… no cash. If i was going somewhere she’d nod at my whereabouts and try to verify them upon my return.

Losing her trust has been one of the most painful things that I have ever had to experience. It’s been almost ten years to the day that i showed up back at home from school. May 8, 1997, to be exact. History has a way of repeating itself i suppose. Today i realized that i again have lost the trust of someone i care about deeply. I have that same feeling of emptiness and nausea in my stomach. I mean what can you really do? Hope? Pray? Wait? I’m all out of options…

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