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10 19 46 51

10: The number of days until I see an old friend again. That’s like the official kickoff to my summer of greatness. After I hug her to death I plan to spend the rest of the weekend laffing like a fool and relaxing

19: The number of days until we leave for Jamaica. Man… if ever i needed a vacation… I hope to spend the majority of that trip laying next to someone’s beach, sipping some sort of alcoholic beverage and relaxing.

46: The number of days until my trip to the MLB All Star week festivities. Never been to something like this and i’m really looking forward to it. Although I try to hide my baseball enthusiast side, I’m extremely excited to be going to this event. Hopefully i’ll get to meet some folks and finally enjoy some perks of the job.

51: That’s the number of days until my leave of absence and subsequent cross-country drive. I have like a MILLION things to do before then so I really need to focus. I think that by the end of this week I’m going to do one last budget and then start tying up the loose ends… new tires, dentist appointment, Fishbone’s trip to the vet, etc. I have a lot to do and it’s about to get real hectic. I need to get on the ball before I find myself completely out of time.

It’s nice to be this happy and excited after being so unhappy for so long.

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