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Graduation Season

Yesterday my niece graduated from college. Saying i’m “proud” of her doesn’t even begin to express how i felt yesterday. Seeing her walk across that stage as she graduated cum laude made me reminisce on how far she’s come since she started college four years ago. Over the past four years she’s gone from the insecure, immature high school senior to the self-assured, confident woman that i saw yesterday.

Amidst the joy i felt for her, I couldn’t help but feel a bit saddened at the fact that I wasn’t sharing in that joy this weekend too. Today should have been my graduation. Well no… if i had stayed a full time student and not taken a leave of absence I would have graduated today. I have mixed emotions about the whole thing to be honest. I know that the path i took was a necessary one, and i know that I have learned many lessons as a result… but at the same time, i’m ready to reach the end of that journey. All i can do is be patient and enjoy what i have. My time will come… yeah… i just keep tellin myself that.

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