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I am afraid of most things. The short list includes:
– failure
– success
– being alone
– being around people
– being smart
– not being smart enough
– responsibility
– change
– being stagnant

I could go on but i know you get the idea.

In about 2 weeks my life is going to start moving at a very rapid rate. Between travel, work, school, and having company, I am about to be surrounded by a whirlwind of activity. The *smart* thing to do would be to use this time leading up to that to take care of the other things that need to get done and to prepare so that I am not stressed during that time… well, I don’t like to do the smart thing. I’m letting too much stuff slide and it needs to stop. It’s just been so long since i’ve been able to go home and just veg out without some “to do” list hanging over my head. And so, rather than use the time to get ahead… I relax.

My thing is, i am an AMAZING planner. My excution, however, is non-existent. That is going to change before December. That’s one of the bad habits i need to break. Until I can learn to just do things on my own, I am loading up my Treo and setting daily “goals” for myself to get things done. I know that I can accomplish a ton of shit when i focus, the key is learning to focus.

One Response to “Nerves”

  1. fear of some of those things is understandable, but the important thing is to not let them stop you. it starts with just setting small goals and grows from there. in the end we really only need to impress ourselves… accomplishing small goals will help to change some of those fears in my opinion 🙂

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