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I have a ton of stuff i need to get rid of.
On my first pass I got rid of people. I shaved approximately 70 people off my buddy lists. I collect people and I need to stop. There are a lot of folks that I talk to just because. Folks that I know don’t like me, folks that i don’t like. I just talk to them because i feel like it’s the “right” thing to do. But it’s not. I’m tired of pretending to like people and having them pretend to like me. Not everyone that got the axe off of the buddy list is an “enemy.” Some folks I just don’t like talking to. Yes, there’s a difference between being an enemy and my not enjoying your conversation. Some folks i hadn’t spoken to in AGES. Some folks I didn’t even know who they were. But yeah… i cut a bunch of folks and really, outside of work, i’m trying to ween myself off of IM anyway. I give far too much access to folks with little to no return.

The next thing i need to purge is fat. I’ve got wayyyyy too much of that and i need to let a bunch of it go. That’s probably gonna be the hardest thing because i’m not really one for exercising…. i’m working on it though (25 days til Jamaica :-\)

I’m also going to have to purge papers. I’m a packrat in training and I need to stop. My mom got a keepsake box from a friend for Mother’s Day. I need to get something similar since i like to hang on to ticket stubbs and everything else. But the excess papers need to go. I have NEVER gone back to look at my notes from a class EVER… so why keep them? I’ll keep the text books, but the notes? Nope… they gotta go.

The last thing on the current purge list is just all my bad habits. I need to get a lot of my destructive behavior under control because the self sabotoging isn’t cute… at. all. I think i’m going to pick one or two to focus on and start moving forward. I’m so tired of being stagnant that it isn’t even funny.

One Response to “Purging”

  1. I feel you on cutting people off. My problem is I don’t know enough folks to just purge them off my buddy lists or phone books.

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