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And another one…



I’m just waiting on one more grade. I realized last night that my GPA is never gonna look good on paper. It’ll look decent and i’ll definitely have a B average of some sort… but i’ll never be an A- student. Which i’m actually ok with. Lately I’ve been doing research on some nontraditional options for after graduation. I never wanted to be the law firm type anyway so i’m ok with that. I think the government route will be for me so that’s what I’m focusing on. Hopefully i can find a way to do that and not live in DC.

I’m a bit disappointed in myself. I’ve made strides in some areas but i’m sitting on my ass in others. Tonight I’m going to go home and get a TON of shit accomplished. I have no choice. I need to find a better way to kick myself in the ass because i’ve been lacking in that department lately.

It doesn’t help that i’ve been off my meds for awhile too. I need to stop doing that… that’s a dangerous game to play. I’m clearly not a doctor so I should probably avoid playing one with my own meds.

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