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February 13, 2009

That’s the best word to describe what I’m feeling as of late. It’s not the only word… but it’s the best. There’s a lot going on around me. Some of it directly affects me, some of it indirectly affects me… but it’s there. I have about 9 weeks until i close some pretty big chapters […]

And another one…

May 24, 2007

B+ *dances* I’m just waiting on one more grade. I realized last night that my GPA is never gonna look good on paper. It’ll look decent and i’ll definitely have a B average of some sort… but i’ll never be an A- student. Which i’m actually ok with. Lately I’ve been doing research on some […]

Nightmares and Sleep Paralysis

May 2, 2007

*insert long sigh here* After a bit of a hiatus, the nightmares have returned. I hate how they always sneak up on me without warning. To make life *that* much more interesting, they’ve brought along a good friend: sleep paralysis. When i first started having the nightmares, the scariest part was always the paralysis. It’s […]


April 11, 2007

Once a week I go and spill my guts to some white chick who seems to think that all i need is reassurance and validation. That creates a couple problems… 1) i need a new therapist, 2) I don’t like her. I’m supposed to go talk to her today and quite frankly I’m not looking […]