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Archive for September 2007

I’m sleepy

September 27, 2007

I wish i was in bed *RIGHT* now. Curled up and snoring loudly. I haven’t really rested in awhile and i’m starting to seriously consider renting a hotel room somewhere so that i may do so. At about 7am the construction starts. My daily ritual is supposed to consist of my alarm going off at […]

I make lists

September 25, 2007

So last night I started making lists. I just meant to start with a “to do” list for today… it quickly turned into about three other lists… goals, groceries, furniture to buy, books to read… you name it, I listed it. And when I was done, i felt relieved. It was like a weight had […]

"Bustin makes you feel good"

September 24, 2007

© Ray Parker, Jr.

The problem with fortunes, superstitions, etc

September 20, 2007

so i got that fortune the other day, and i admit to believing fortunes, horoscopes, superstitions, etc when they can be twisted to say what i want them to say. So of course that fortune meant to take a chance and just move to san francisco… this afternoon i got a phone call offering me […]

Todays Fortune Cookie Reads:

September 18, 2007

“Take that chance you’ve been considering”