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I make lists

So last night I started making lists. I just meant to start with a “to do” list for today… it quickly turned into about three other lists… goals, groceries, furniture to buy, books to read… you name it, I listed it. And when I was done, i felt relieved. It was like a weight had been lifted. Getting things out of my head and onto paper lets me do a few things. It helps me to free up space in my brain. As long as i have that list i can forget all the things i was supposed to remember because I have my cheat sheet. Writing also helps me to visualize the things i need to do.

By the time i went to sleep I had let go of a ton of anxiety and was able to actually rest. I got up this morning and made lunch and breakfast and got to work (almost) on time.

Yaty for lists!

One Response to “I make lists”

  1. i’ve been writing alot of lists lately…

    Cuz otherwise I will completely forgot the stuff I am supposed to be doing.

    My problem is that I lose the lists…LOL.

    I write them on post-it-notes and other random sheets of paper and then forget them.

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