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I’m sleepy

I wish i was in bed *RIGHT* now. Curled up and snoring loudly. I haven’t really rested in awhile and i’m starting to seriously consider renting a hotel room somewhere so that i may do so.

At about 7am the construction starts. My daily ritual is supposed to consist of my alarm going off at 650a followed by two taps of the snooze bar. By that second tap the jackhammers are already in full swing. 😦

In other news, I need a place to live. I spoke to my mom and she agreed that no one in my family really has room for me. She said if i got evicted I could stay there “a few days” but realistically I couldn’t stay anywhere long term (fyi, I am NOT about to get evicted. she just meant that in a dire situation i wouldn’t be on the street)

Hmmm my brain isn’t really working so i’ll stop typing now. I need to see if i can take a nap in the “employee wellness room”

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