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So I’ve Been MIA

But i’m back now… kinda.

I admit I feel a bit obligated to make this entry but I want to, too…. kinda

At any rate, I’ve started going back to my therapist :-\

Did I mention I hate her? No, I don’t hate her but I need to look elsewhere. This week we spent more time than I had planned discussing how i’m getting old and how if i want to pop out some kids i should do it sooner rather than later. Although I already knew that the picture she painted was sooooo bleak. I’m bout to go get knocked up like tomorrow. So, yeah, I’m trying to reorganize my life (again) to see if a baby could be worked into this mix.

*insert LONG sigh here*

In other news I’ve got two possible AMAZING job opportunities. Like it’s scary to think what the next year of my life might be like. It could be pretty amazing though. There’s the government internship and then a summer associate position for this organization in Berkeley. So many possibilities. And I honestly plan to make the best of both. I wouldn’t be havin a baby by then so I see no reason to turn either down or anything else… for now. The next 12 – 20 months will be a mix of moving forward and getting ready for a possible new addition. Of course we’re still negotiating the new one. We’ll see what happens.

3 Responses to “So I’ve Been MIA”

  1. congrats on the job opportunities… you know we want you to come back… sooner than later! pleeeeease.


  2. Baby talk… awesome yet WOW!

    Job Opp… Say it with me now, Yay Areaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    ha! ha! ha!


  3. just remember dude ..

    you’ll never get more than you’re ready for.

    or something like that.

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