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Interviews, Piercings, and Pregnancy

I’ll go ahead and get the last one out of the way first. No, it ain’t me. It’s my niece. I’m toggling between joy, fear and jealousy. I sometimes wonder if all of “i hate babies” talk has in some way jinxed/doomed me to a childless existence. Then I think about alllll the other stuff I’ve talked shit about and realize that that probably isn’t the case. But yes, she’s having a baby and I wish her all the best.

I had my interview with the organization in Berkeley on Thursday. I have NO clue how it went. I mean I don’t think I said anything too off the wall or even remotely off the wall. The lady and I seemed to get along well enough and often, after I’d say something she’d say how that would be an asset to the org. I thought maybe that was an unconscious clue to me that I should do more to relate the answers to the org but then the direction changed so I didn’t get the chance.

I went to NY for the day today and walked my poor little feet off. I’m pretty achy right now but lord knows i needed the exercise. While I was there I got my other tragus pierced. The guy that did it was really cool and offered to show me several of his piercings…. Not in a perverted way… more in a “damnit i have my butt pierced and i need someone to see this shit” (no pun intended). I politely declined. I also politely declined when he asked me if i wanted to see some pics of him doing suspension work… ummm ewwwwww

I think that’s about all for me. I’ve decided to go ahead and accept the gig at the DOJ (no it wasn’t ever really a decision). I’m not looking forward to the background check but, hopefully, it’ll make things easier if I wind up back in the govt. Now, I’m gonna go soak my feet.

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