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The hurt…

September 26, 2014

If I hear the roller coaster analogy one more time… But i have to say, the description is apt… The thing i hate most about the analogy is i’m not even sure which part of this is up and which part is down.  I guess it would depend on how you feel about roller coasters, […]

Week 25

September 24, 2014

Or at least it would be week 25 if The Dictator had not decided to flee.  Today will be day 7… In some ways time is dragging on, but in other ways, I can’t believe how quickly the week went by. The Dictator is still pushing forward.  Breathing continues to be an issue.  They put […]

Discharge Day

September 19, 2014

Man… I’ve been “dreading” this day since I found out I was pregnant… The same thought would go thru my mind… Who in their right mind would let me head home with a baby that i just met?  Well, for now, that’s not our reality.  We’re heading home, but The Dictator will be here for […]

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 19, 2014

I guess I should really start on the 16th, because that’s where things went a bit haywire.  I had spent the last couple days feeling kind of meh, but it wasn’t unusual.  Some days had been better than others, but I assumed that I had hit a slump.  That Tuesday, the 16th, I just wasn’t […]

The Dictator

September 19, 2014

How did we come up with The Dictator?