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Archive for May 2008

Me? Homesick?

May 31, 2008

I guess it kinda hit me today a little bit. I mean like really hit me. I’m starting to see that if i sit still too long, i’ll start to miss home. That’s not a bad thing… but it just means i have to limit how long I sit still. Week #1 was good. I […]

The Beat Off

May 30, 2008

Ok so I told Dom I’d stop calling it that… but “Beat Off” sounds wayyyyyy better than “Beat Battle” At any rate, tonight (last night) we traveled to the city of Oakland for this: Now I’ve been to a few Beat Of… errr Battles in my day and this was like no other. First off […]

Day 1

May 27, 2008

It was wonderful to not have to be at work until 930… but the day was long. I mean most orientation days tend to be that way… long and drawn out… or they’re like extra short and you have 7 hours to spend trying to look like you’re doing something even though no one seems […]

I Made It

May 26, 2008

I am (semi) officially a san francisco resident for the next ten weeks 🙂 The flight was cool… except for the landing… it was one of those landings where there’s like a blanket of clouds… and you have to fly thru those and *then* you see the ground. I’m always worried that we’ll get thru […]

“I’m so excited!!! I’m so… scared” © Jesse Spano

May 25, 2008

So i’m 9 hours away from getting on the plane to head to SF… I’m terrified. Besides thinking that I’m not qualified, I’m terrified at being so far away from home for so long. When I first got separated back in 2005, I realized that it was my first time living alone. Since that time, […]