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The Ups and Downs of Unemployment

August 19, 2009

I suppose if there was ever a “good” time to be unemployed in DC it’s the summer of 2009. Anyone who knows me or who has taken the time to peruse this blawg is probably aware of my (former) hatred of this city. I have been trying to get out of DC since 1993… and […]

The Beat Off

May 30, 2008

Ok so I told Dom I’d stop calling it that… but “Beat Off” sounds wayyyyyy better than “Beat Battle” At any rate, tonight (last night) we traveled to the city of Oakland for this: Now I’ve been to a few Beat Of… errr Battles in my day and this was like no other. First off […]

Going Away Party Part 2

May 12, 2008

So part 1 was at Aroma this past weekend. Good music, good folks, good times… But now we’re kickin it up a notch (c) Emeril So this Thursday ?uestlove and Black Thought will be back in town. ?uest always DJs a good set so it we behoove you to bring ya asses. PLUS (and most […]

Dear Young People, Die… Thanks

April 4, 2008

Soooo…. We went to the Stussy grand opening party last night at Chloe in Adams Morgan… Now… Before I start let me say that I really don’t mean to hate on shit… it’s just really easy to… and some people/places/things need to be hated on… Now I’ll continue So i’m in Adams Morgan at this […]

The Roots: Rising Down

March 26, 2008

Yesterday we went to Philly for the Rising Down listening party. Where to begin. First of the event itself was nice. Good food, quite a few familiar faces, etc But the real reason we were there was to hear the album *sigh* It’s a good album. A strong album. The Roots seem to pride themselves […]