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Archive for November 2012

Heading Home

November 29, 2012

In just a few hours I’ll be heading to San Francisco for a few days of vacation.  As much as I love these trips it always stirs up so much confusion for me.  90% of the time I have a “why am i still living in DC” moment.  Ever since I was younger I wanted […]

My Father

November 27, 2012

I realized last night that I’m starting to forget my father.  Well… I should explain that a little better.  I realized that when I think back on my father I remember his illness.  I remember the pain of him forgetting me… the discomfort of him speaking about my mother as “that woman”… the embarrassment i […]


November 25, 2012

The thing i think i struggle with the most in life is patience.  It affects my friendships, my interactions with my family and most of my day-to-day existence.  I, like my mother, truly feel that i know the best way to do things… any thing.  There are few things more painful for me than watching […]