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Archive for December 2007

The Wrap Up

December 31, 2007

So… My bday didn’t turn out as bad as I thought. I stuffed my face, saved more than I spent at the mall, stuffed my face some more, and laffed alot. I think I am officially ready to leae 2007 behind. I already know i’m going to break my new years “resolutions” so I’ll just […]

Happy Birthday to Me!!

December 30, 2007

So… here it is. 32. Wow. To be honest, I don’t think that I ever gave much thought to what 32 would be like. When I was younger, my thirties was just so far off and so OLD. But now i realize that i’m just getting started. Yesterday I went to what is by FAR […]

Breakdowns and such

December 29, 2007

Yesterday was an incredibly up and down day and to be honest I’m still a little confused about what all exactly happened. I’ve been feeling fairly blah lately because for the most part my bday weekend has and will be a bust. I take a decent amount of responsibility for that but it just seems […]

I *really* need to stop getting excited for my bday

December 27, 2007

In all my 32 yrs I don’t think I’ve ever done what I wanted to do on my bday. Having a birthday scrunched in between Christmas and New Years leaves me feeling like more of a hassle than a celebrant on most occassions. For several years in a row I’ve wanted to go to Jamaica, […]

Time to Move

December 26, 2007

So it’s that time again. In about 3 weeks, i’ll be moving to my new apartment. The spoiled part of me is not happy about the move at all. But the logical side realizes that it’s a necessary step and that i need to see the bigger picture. I just hate having to move all […]