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Hard Work, a Nickname, and Me

December 22, 2007

Hard WorkSo shortly after Monie and 9th Wonder did their interview at XM awhile ago, she and I started texting/talking about trying to get her show on XM. At that point she was fresh out of the gig in Philly and itching to get back to radio somehow. True to form XM dragged their feet. […]

Merry Christmas from Me and Little Brother

December 21, 2007

This interview is pretty damned hilarious. Unfortunately it also reminds me how painfully shy i am and how much i hate the sound of my voice either way, enjoy

2007 is almost over

December 20, 2007

my 32nd bday is *right* around the corner. 2007 has been an amazing year. I’ve excelled at work, school, life, love, just in general. I’m happy and i honestly enjoy my life. I’ve worked hard and watched some very important projects come to fruition. I knew i wanted to be make Law Review… did that. […]

On: Being Black

December 7, 2007

Ok, so this isn’t gonna be a “deep” blog.When i was little, I went to school in Georgetown. Our school was pretty diverse but mostly white. So, in a lot of ways I grew up “white”. From the way I talked to the music i listened to… to the peroxide i put in my hair… […]

Life has thrown another curve

December 4, 2007

So I interviewed with the DA’s office of my favorite city… and it didn’t go so well. I pretty much wrote it off. Yesterday I received the standard “thanks but no thanks” email from them… with a twist. The email said that while they didn’t have space for me in the summer program, they would […]